RT Residential Inc., part of the Tradition Family of Companies, is well known and respected within the Twin Cities building community. We partner with our vendors to deliver exceptional homes. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, timeliness, and fairness to our trade and business partners. We diligently plan projects, build orders, and scheduling to ensure an orderly, clean and safe project.

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Consistent, replicable work on projects across the Twin Cities with on-site project management. We partner with our vendors to deliver successful projects in a timely manner.


A safe, clean, job site. Online, real time scheduling, purchase orders, plans, selections and specifications. Because of our detailed project planning, we are able to communicate what house is going on what lot and with what options before we start the first house. This is a proven process that allows suppliers and vendors to plan months in advance.


Reach out to learn about upcoming projects and bid requirements.

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